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Custom Bed Edging

There are so many custom options with the style of this curbing. From patterns, colors to personalized accent stamps such as your last name, a honu, palm trees, a dolphin, a whale, your address etc. The sky is the limit with this curbing system and we're sure you'll be pleased with the results of YOUR custom landscaping curb!

Colors are not stained onto the concrete!

The color of the curb is integrated into the concrete mix- which means no color fading or chipping! The stamp options are endless as well ensuring you have a unique, custom, stamped concrete curb designed just for you!

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Custom is where the magic happens. You'll be sure to make your neighbors jealous once they see your beautiful, custom designed Stamped, Colored Concrete Landscape Bed Edging! Remember this material is brand new to the island, so you'll be one of the first to start this trend in Hawai'i. Not to mention it's extreme durability, allowing you to never have to think about replacing your bed edging again!

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