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Why did we start a Concrete Curbing Business?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Hawai'i Curb Appeal Trailer

We have been operating SnipperZ Lawn Care on the Island of Hawai'i for 3 years now and a very common problem that we kept encountering was weeds and grass taking over landscaping beds. Another common problem has been rocks and mulch not staying in landscaping beds or around trees.

ineffective landscape edging
Weeds in landscaping bed

This has been a constant battle for not only us, but homeowners and businesses as well.

ineffective landscape edging
Rocks spilling over landscape edging

You see, the plastic and metal landscape edging just doesn't work. It breaks, shifts, rots and rusts causing the edging to be completely ineffective.

ineffective plastic landscape edging
plastic bed edging fail

Rusty Landscape Edging
Rusting Metal Landscape Edging

Not to mention, because we live on an island made of volcanic rock, a lot of times, the only option for landscape edging IS this concrete curbing due to the ground being too hard to install the other edging materials.

Another huge benefit of this material is that it gives your landscapers (or you) a hard edge to weed-eat up against when maintaining your grass without the worry of breaking your edging ensuring a clean and finished look.

An added bonus, in some cases this curbing will eliminate the need for weed killer chemicals- a big thing, we know.

Why pay all of that money and time to install the other types of edging materials that are destined to fail, when for just a little more, you can have beautiful, custom & durable landscape edging and never have to worry about it again?!

Custom Lava Stamped Curb That We installed in Kohala Ranch
Custom Landscape Edging Hawai'i Island
concrete curbing Kohala Ranch

We wanted to help solve a problem, so we started Hawai'i Curb Appeal.

This was a no-brainer to us. Now it's just all about getting the word out that it's available on the Island. To our knowledge, we are the only company currently offering this custom, colored and stamped concrete curbing on the Island of Hawai'i.

Did we mention it's BEAUTIFUL?! The pic below is a custom Lava Stamped Curb that we installed in Kohala Ranch. The results are just stunning, increasing this property's value for sure! It has also proven to be so much better at all of the points mentioned above as it's one of our lawn/ landscaping maintenance properties and everyone all around is just ecstatic by the results.

Lava Landscape Edging
Custom Lava Stamped Concrete Curb

Our Custom Concrete Curbing is the perfect solution for you if you're tired of your landscaping beds getting over-taken by weeds or grass and if you want a more durable & Esthetically pleasing edging to be the cherry on top of your landscaping.

We can customize the color, style and pattern to match/ compliment your home or your style.

*Colors are integrated, ensuring a beautiful color all the way through your material.

The material is mixed, laid and finished right on site, without the use of heavy machinery so you don't have to worry about your property getting damaged.

We would love to come visit your property and talk about how we can help solve your landscaping problems with our custom concrete landscape edging.

Give us a call today 808-345-6190

Hawai'i Curb Appeal Estimate

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