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Perseverance and Not Losing Hope

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Starting something new is usually scary. Especially when there is a lot on the line.

A lot of money, a lot of promises, a lot of proving yourself, a lot of people counting on you to succeed, etc.

You name it, starting something new usually comes with a lot on the line. That is if you want to see that new thing through. They say that the best "things" in life don't come easy.

Boy were they right.

For us, starting this new business has been one of the scariest things we have done in a while. Outside of moving from Indiana to Hawai'i, where we knew no one, and starting a brand new business, (SnipperZ Lawn Care). Super grateful we stuck that one out, because it's finally starting to pay off. We're still no where near where we want to be in terms of size and employment opportunities etc- we have a long way to go, but we're growing and learning, and that's what matters.

There are days where it seems like all of our efforts are not working at all, then all of a sudden, we will have a day where we are like, "Damn, that was a kick ass meeting, or phone call etc!"

And it lights that fire back up.

Such as life, right? The important part is that we continue trudging forward because THAT is what we signed up for.

We knew it wouldn't be easy starting a business that is offering a material/ service that is not largely seen on the island at all. (to our knowledge, we are the only company currently offering the custom concrete landscape edging.)

This one is different from the lawn and landscaping business that we started in 2020.

We have to stay creative in our marketing efforts. Not to mention, the way to get recognized and respected on Hawai'i Island is so, so much different from the mainland. You have to first be trusted or have connections with trusted people before most here will do business with you.

And that takes time.

Patience, perseverance and creativeness is a must.

That said, we also realize that leaning on those who already trust and believe in us to spread the word and sing our praises is also a very important component, that we sometimes forget about. We try to always do the same for businesses and creators etc that we love and trust. But sometimes we even forget to write that google review or share a business card/name.

Asking for that support from your customers and friends on a regular basis can really help catapult your business or new thing, even if scary at first. Most WANT to help, life just gets in the way sometimes.

Walking the walk and not just talking the talk is crucial in a world where there is a lot of talk and noise with not much to back it up.

Integrity matters. Always.

Hopefully this post helps even just one person do that thing, even if fear is doing most of the talking. Because if we can do it, then so can you.

Here's to perseverance and never losing hope. This is just the beginning.



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